When Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

When should I Book my Wedding Photographer?

Good question.  Planning a wedding can be difficult, especially when you are newly engaged.

Most might have an idea of what theme they want, but putting that theme together can drive just about anyone mad.

Coming from a Wedding Photographers View Point…

Wedding photography should be at the top of your to-do list!  I hear it time and time again.  Couples wait til the last minute to book their photographer, but no one is available.  Yikes!  Finding your dream photographer can be an exhausting list, but six months to a year before your wedding, they are already booked.  That’s tough.  Now you feel as if you’re settling for some other photographer regardless if you like their work or not.

First on the List.

I always recommend finding a venue first.  It took some time to figure out what date your wedding will happen on, and now you have to make sure your venue is available.  Once you book a venue that has availability, you need to ask what requirements they have of your vendors.  Example questions can be: do they require insurance, do they provide an event planner, do they offer catering, do you need to acquire a liquor license, etc.  Figure out what you need and make sure your vendors can provide those things.

Second on the List.

You have your date, your venue, and your vendor requirements.  Now you need to find your photographer.  Bakers can make several cakes a day, linen and chair vendors have warehouses to accommodate everyone, and it will take a while to find the right dress – so, now is the time to book vendors that require a specific service or person.  Think not only photography, but dj, videographer, wedding planner, or officiant too.  Make sure you book vendors like these well in advance.

How Far Out should I Book my Wedding Photographer?

I would say as soon as possible.  If you plan on being married the following year, you should book immediately.  If your wedding is in two years, book immediately.  I highly recommend you do your homework of course, and make sure vendors are licensed and such.  Always make sure you have everything in writing in case something goes sour.  Contracts can be a life or death situation when planning a wedding.  Read them.  Understand them.  Save copies of them.

Once you get all of these person-specific vendors out of the way, you are free to coast.  Visit wedding shops, taste cakes, order a menu, send out invites or save the date cards.  You have so much to do, but if you stick to a plan, I know you can do it:)

Hope this helps explains why booking early is so important.

xoxo, Mikki

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