Why Should I Hire a Wedding Photographer?

Should I hire a Wedding Photographer?  If so, why? This is a common question when consulting with clients.  Especially brand new clients that I have never worked with before. Well, first you need to consider your wedding goals. For instance:
  1. Do you enjoy photographs, or having keepsakes of special times in your life?
  2. Have you ever hired a photographer before?
  3. What are your expectations with hiring a photographer?
  4. What is your budget?
So, if you have truthfully answered the above questions, you should be closer to knowing if you should hire a photographer. If you're still on the fence, I would say you need to consult with a photographer face-to-face.  Usually, photographers offer a free consultation to see if they are a good fit, but some will charge for appointments, so do your research.  **Shameless Plug** If you happen to be interested in my photography work, I offer a free one hour consult to all of my new and existing clients! Professional wedding photography can cost a lot, and if you don't have any budget or photography is not a priority for you, than you may want to use the old disposable camera on tables technique and try to sift through the awkward moments like crotch shots and your best friend's backside; or maybe even try to hire a close friend that you don't mind being around the entire wedding.  It's better than nothing, right!? I hope this was helpful, or at least a little funny. But, seriously.. if those memories are important, HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER! xoxo, Mikki

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